The Vision

The emerging world of crypto-assets presents significant risk factors, aggravated by the low awareness of operators and users about the correct management methods of a market that is not yet regulated. Our project was born precisely to provide all operators in the sector with adequate support, thanks to a team of experienced professionals with diverse working backgrounds and a relevant expertise in legal and financial matters.
Our services may give your business and yourself the protection you need. We are especially focalized on legal consulting & strategic assistance to crypto projects. With us you can:

  • grow safely your project;

  • avoid non-legal compliance;

  • avoid loss in the value of your token;

  • get protection against fraud and scam


What we do

Legal assistance
  • KYC/AML procedure

  • Contractual Review (SAFT, Incubator Agreement, Partnership Agreement) 

  • Set-up of Legal Entities

  • Legal Due Diligence 

Strategic assistance to crypto projects
  • Market and business model analysis

  • Roadmap definition

  • Tokenomics & incentives design

  • Capital raising

How can we help your project

Legal Due Diligence and Contractual Review

We conduct legal due diligence of project and their token emission in order to assess  their regulatory risk. 
We provide contractual review and drafting in relation to SAFT, Incubator Agreements, Partnership Agreement and Software Development.
We provide assistance for obtaining legal opinion from top 20 legal law firms.

Strategic assistance to crypto projects

Market and business model analysis: we help new projects in assessing target markets and potential customers, identifying the main competitors and threats they should face.
Roadmap definition: we advise new projects in order to make them better understand the direction of development they want to pursue, define their strategic objectives and priorities and identify the most suitable partners.
Tokenomics & incentives design: we assist new projects in laying down a system of economic incentives able to attract new users, while maintaining an alignment with the long-term vision of the founders.

Setting up legal entity and KYC/AML

We support new projects in setting up  a legal entity to launch their token emission in blockchain-regulated countries. 
We also project and implement AML/KYC procedure for their business and private sale

Fundraising support

We support new projects in their fundraising process, helping them in the preparation of information memoranda for VCs and/or private investors, and assisting them in the organization of IDOs and every other kind of primary/secondary offering of tokens, including CEX listings, over-the-counter transactions, etc.